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The Line Painting Company is the contractor to call when you need pavement markings done.

The Line Painting Company has been painting lines for over 10 years. We are an industry leader in Durham Region, Greater Toronto Area, and the surrounding areas. Our line painting  pros can carry out any project you have in mind.

From painting new lines to repainting old lines, and custom stenciling to accessibility markings – we are here to help.

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Why Hire Professional Line Painting Services

Although we might not think about it, pavement markings play an important role in our safety behind a wheel. It would be very difficult to get from A to B without clear and visible lines on the road. These lines keep traffic moving smoothly and keep us safe on our roads.

An Experienced Line Painting Company

It is important to work with an experienced line painting contractor when you need pavement marking services. A professional company can make sure that pedestrians and drivers are safe in the parking area.

Serving Customers of All Sizes

We understand the line painting industry very well, and are here to help customers of all sizes with their line painting needs.

parking lot paint

Parking Lot Maintenance & Line Painting

A parking lot layout without lines is chaos. To make sure that you’re in a position to increase the amount of cars parking spaces can accommodate, it is necessary to have parking lines painted on the pavement. This is especially the case with underground parking lots, pavement markings can prevent accidents.

Repaint Your Fading Lines

If you have a parking lot with fading lines, it’s important to have maintenance performed to restore the original markings. Failure may lead to liability should there be an collision or accident on your property.

We’ll Standardized Your Parking Area

Parking lot lines are used to show the location of each parking space. Additionally, a road marking can denote the direction in which cars should be moving in. Line painting experts from The Line Painting Company are available to help you create an standardized, efficient parking area.

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Accessibility Parking Painting

Accessible parking is the term used to describe parking spaces specifically designed for disabled people or those with other mobility limitations.

People who have an official parking permit issued by the government for disabled persons, or a valid license plate issued to disabled people.

Line Painting That Complies With Regulations

The city-to-city guidelines for accessible parking spots differ. We can assist you in making sure that the municipal accessibility parking regulations are in place.

We ensure compliance with Ontarians with Disabilities Act regulations and accessibility design standards for local areas whenever we carry out accessibility parking marking.

parking lot paint
parking lot paint
parking lot paint

Custom Stenciling & Specialty Road Markings

Sometimes, projects may have specific needs that are beyond line painting or road marking. We can design many different markings through our custom stenciling services.

Whether it’s an outdoor parking lot, indoor garage, or an add-on to a simple parking lot line painting project – we can help.

The Experience Your Project Demands

The Line Painting Company has been given the chance to work on some truly exciting projects in this field. Please view our portfolio for a examples of our work in this area.

A few examples of special road markings are:

  • EV charging stations
  • Custom colour matching
  • Accessible parking badge
  • Speed badges
  • Parade squares
  • Driveways
  • Helicopter pads
  • Speed bumps

Have a unique space? Not to worry, we also paint underground, warehouses, roadways, sports courts and more.

We carry out all work accurately and effectively, contact us for your custom stencil or specialty road marking needs.

parking lot paint
parking lot paint

Reflective Marking & Safety Lines

Warehouse floors require signs and lines to ensure safety and efficiency. Our company has a wealth of experience in painting reflective and safety markings in warehouses, pavements and other areas.

Safety Markings That Ensure Regulation Compliance

Common regulations require employers to clearly define the pathways for pedestrians, as well as passageways leading to an open entrance or gate. Other markings aren’t mandatory by law however they can enhance safety and efficiency in the workplace – hazardous areas, clearly mark distinct work zones, showcase places for equipment or materials to be stored, as well as traffic-route signs.

Knowledge & Experience You Can Trust

Safety regulations require reflective paint for stops and safety lines, as well as on roads or platforms. We have reflective products and know-how to accomplish the task correctly.

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